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Common Auto Insurance Discounts You Don’t Want to Miss

Nearly every insurance company claims they can offer the cheapest rates and the most discounts on your auto insurance. Details matter, however, and while one policy may offer the steepest savings on your premiums, it is important to always compare several plans to ensure you are receiving the best deal. One discount that some people can overlook is the savings realized for those who own their house, condo or mobile home. Renters simply pay more for home insurance than owners. This is because rental units have statically

Texas Historic Home Insurance

San Marcos, TX and the surrounding region has carefully preserved its past. Many residential neighborhoods are designated historic districts with Victorian, Classical Revival and Craftsman architecture built as far back as 1880 through the 1940s. Each lovingly restored and maintained historic home is a treasure, and for that reason each will have unique insurance needs. The Importance of Historic Home Insurance At Benchmark Insurance, we understand the insurance needs of historic Texas homes. Historic homes are

Insurance that Follows Your Business Around the Globe

In today's digital world, commerce often crosses oceans, geographical and national borders with a simple click of the mouse. The global economy all businesses must compete in also means more and more companies are engaging in international transactions. If your business sends employees abroad or across the northern or southern borders, has an international sales office, enrolls in international trade fairs or conferences, imports or exports materials or products, or performs any services in a foreign country, you need