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How Does Adding a Driver Affect My Car Insurance?

Eventually, most people will need to add one or more drivers to their car insurance policy. The effects of an additional driver on your policy depend on whether you need to add a roommate, spouse, or teen driver to your car insurance and the driving history of the person you are adding.

Including a spouse on your car insurance policy is easy. In fact, federal law requires some insurance coverage to be automatically extended to a spouse. However, this does not protect you from financial or legal accountability should your spouse be involved in an accident while operating your vehicle. That’s why it is important to include them on your policy. If your spouse is a careful driver and has no accidents or moving violations, adding them can even decrease your rates.

Adding a teen driver to your car insurance is often more painful. The average increase in premiums for a single inexperienced driver ranges from an additional $800 to $1,500 each year. The reason rates increase so significantly with a teen driver is because they are inexperienced and, as parents of teens know all too well, their judgment is less than ideal sometimes. You can save considerably on these increases by having your child complete a driving safety course and by encouraging them to earn stellar grades, which can make them eligible for a student discount.

Unfortunately, many people overlook the need to add a roommate to their car insurance. If you live with non-related, licensed drivers it’s a good idea to add them as occasional drivers to your policy (and likewise, they should add you to theirs). Think of the example of one of your roommates needing to borrow your car. Should they be involved in an accident while on route to their destination, your insurance company can – and most likely will – deny the claim. In the worst case scenario, the insurance company can even drop your coverage all together because you failed to notify them of this licensed driver with access to your vehicle.

Whatever your additional driver needs may be, knowledgeable, independent agents at Benchmark Insurance can help. These experienced agents can identify your car insurance needs, suggest coverage options, and assist you in finding a number of quotes from a variety of insurance companies with which to compare policies and premiums. Contact us to find out how you can obtain the perfect car insurance policy with the best coverage for all your drivers at the most affordable rates.

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