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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

San Marcos, TX Boat and Watercraft Insurance

When you purchase a boat or personal watercraft, you make an investment in fun and recreation. Whether it’s for the pure joy of ripping over waves on the lake or the sport of fishing for the next big catch, your boat will get you there. Boat insurance calms the waters of unforeseen risks associated with owning a vehicle that can breeze across Texas waterways.

Let Benchmark Insurance Group provide you with boat insurance coverage options, complete with quotes, today and set sail tomorrow. We can help you find the right coverage, no matter what your watercraft:

  • Speed boats and fishing boats
  • Personal watercraft or Jet Ski
  • Sailboats
  • Pontoons and houseboats

What Boat Insurance Covers

The amount of boat or personal watercraft (PWC) insurance you require depends on the boat you own, where it is docked and how it may be financed. Who captains your boat? If young or inexperienced drivers do, we will be sure to consider that when providing a boat insurance quote.

Boat insurance will usually cover the boat, motor and trailer against most risks, including capsizing or sinking, collision, hull damage, storm damage or stranding, fire, theft and vandalism. The insurance policy will likely cover marine equipment that is attached to the boat, such as oars, anchors and trolling motors.

Type of Coverage to Consider

Just like with car insurance, there is optional coverage you may decide to add to your boat or PWC insurance policy. If you have financed the boat, your lender may require certain coverage. Our account executives will discuss all the options with you:

  • Personal liability: This coverage will protect you if someone other than you or your family is injured, and it will pay their medical bills and help in the event of necessary legal defense.
  • Property damage: Recognizing that accidents happen, if your boat damages other property, such as another boat or a dock, the property damage insurance will cover the repairs.
  • Uninsured boater: This protects you if another boat that isn’t insured hits you.
  • Personal property: This will help cover everything you carry on the boat, such as fishing equipment, water skis and ropes. Benchmark can also assist you with insuring other personal property.
  • Towing and emergency service: Let’s say your boat breaks down or capsizes on Canyon Lake and you live in San Antonio. This coverage pays to transport it.
  • Wreck removal: This covers the expenses that may be necessary to remove your wrecked boat after an insured loss.
  • Fuel spill: In the unlikely event that you are responsible for a fuel spill, this coverage will pay for the clean-up.

Do I Need to Insure Boats in Storage?

There may be months of the year when your boat or PWC is in storage. Insurance can still offer vital protection in the event of fire, theft or vandalism. Do you risk not having protection when something happens to the vessel and trailer? Store your boat with confidence, knowing it is covered year-round.

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Contact our experienced independent agency for a boat insurance quote. We understand boat insurance and salute your desire to protect yourself and your property. Additionally, we may be able to package your home insurance with boat or PWC insurance for multi-policy discounts.