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Umbrella Policy

Umbrella Policy

Umbrella Insurance Policies in San Marcos, TX

The rewards of home ownership are well documented, including income tax deductions and home equity, to name a few. There are also many risks to home ownership, and insurance can be a helpful tool to manage those risks. Umbrella insurance is one coverage that provides an extra shield to protect your assets in the event you are faced with a lawsuit. We have found that more and more people in Texas find peace of mind when they add umbrella insurance.

Think of your home, vehicles and other assets standing out in a severe storm, but not getting wet because they are under a sturdy umbrella. That is what umbrella insurance can mean for you. It provides liability coverage after the liability limits of your homeowners insurance and car insurance policies have been exhausted. If someone sustains a serious injury on your property or in a car accident where you are at fault, umbrella insurance can shield your personal assets, protecting you from financial disaster.

Texas Liability Policies Offer Affordable Protection

Umbrella insurance is usually combined with home insurance and auto insurance policies, which could translate into cost savings for you with a multi-policy discount. We routinely add an umbrella policy for $1 million or more of protection for a few hundred dollars per year. Our valued relationships with many regional and national insurance companies puts us in a position to help you secure coverage with your preferred insurance company as well.

If your situation warrants it, we can also explore with you the possibility of securing a liability rider for short-term liability protection. Let’s say you are hosting a large social event at your home or other location and you need to protect yourself in the short term from the potential of a lawsuit resulting from injuries to guests.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Is Enough?

How much coverage you may need depends on a variety of factors, including what your assets are worth. How much personal liability insurance you already have is one consideration, since that will be used first in the event of a claim. Therefore, we will study the liability limits on your home insurance and auto insurance before making a recommendation for umbrella insurance.

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