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Find Summer Coverage for Your RV

Before making plans to enjoy the outdoors in your RV this summer, be sure that you have the insurance coverage you need before traveling. An RV insurance policy will offer you coverage for a wide range of circumstances that basic car insurance policies are not designed to cover. What makes a good RV insurance policy?

Most RV insurance policies also offer liability and personal belonging replacement limits that are higher than car insurance policies. After all, you keep many more items of considerable value in your RV than you would in the trunk of your car. Be sure to inventory the belongings you keep inside your recreational vehicle to determine the amount of contents coverage you need.

Also, be certain the policy you purchase offers campsite liability coverage. Campsite liability, also dubbed vacation liability, will protect you if someone injures himself while visiting your campsite. As your RV is often your summer “home,” campsite liability insurance functions much like your homeowner’s insurance policy.

RV insurance will also help pay your costs if your motorhome or fifth-wheel breaks down or becomes involved in a collision. Your insurance policy could reimburse you for some or all of the costs associated with eating, lodging, and transportation until the needed repairs are completed. It can also help pay for those repairs, depending on the deductible you choose and the extent of the damage.

If you’ve purchased a new RV to enjoy this summer, a specialized policy can offer you full coverage in case of a total loss. If you financed the purchase of your RV, your lender may require you to carry comprehensive, total loss, coverage.

Most RV insurance policies also allow you to suspend collision and liability coverage when your vehicle is in storage during the off-season. Remember to call your agent when your vehicle is in storage to lower your premium and enjoy reduced costs all winter long.

In order to find the best RV coverage at the most affordable rates, contact one of our agents. We can answer any questions you may have, suggest coverage options, and even assist you in filing a claim. Contact us to find out how you can purchase the perfect RV insurance policy that meets your needs and budget.

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